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we are karaoke and DJ

The Karaoke Party Place

Greetings Karaoke enthusiast's we want to thank you for coming by the karaoke party place Our goal at Karaoke Party Place is to provide the best possible singing experience for everyone who wishes to sing in front of an audience, we do this by recognizing everyone who sings, having fair rotations and encouraging everyone to participate. Our karaoke shows and DJ shows are high energy and a crowd pleasers. Its always a party when you have the Karaoke Party Place host your event.

Karaoke at the Party Place

Why Karaoke Party Place

Karaoke Party Place has great hosts they know how to get the crowd participating.
Terrific sound equipment to fulfill the small to large venue
Super selection of both Karaoke and DJ music to choose from
and did I mention our prices are competitive. It's always a Party when Karaoke Party Place shows up to the event.

Give JB and Debbie a call to discuss all your karaoke and DJ entertainment needs.